Why are many of your Photo Art Groupings three (3) versions of the same photo? Inspired by artists like Peter Max and Andy Warhol, and their widely-acclaimed displays of multiple versions of the same subject, we humbly endeavor (in our own way) to replicate that pop-art concept. In our personal experience, when various renditions of a photo are displayed on a wall (side by side) the viewer's eye reacts in a very positive way and we think (we know) you will like the overall look.

Can I create my own Photo Art Grouping? Yes, and all you need do is add the photos of your choice to the shopping cart. And please see the question below.

Will I still get a discount? Our prearranged Photo Art Groupings are discounted an average of 35% off of the list price, so on any group of 3 individual photos, regardless of size, we will extend that same 35% discount when you place your order. At checkout just enter the following 5 digit code in the ENTER COUPON CODE BOX.  PAG35

PACKING and SHIPPING questions!

 How are your aluminum panels shipped? Unless another method is requested, we ship them using FedEx Ground, or UPS Ground. Order fulfillment shipping points include Lakeland, Florida, and Indianapolis, Indiana. We will soon be adding a west coast location. 

 Is shipping always FREE? Yes, for the 48 contiguous states, and as long as any of the above methods are used. If overnight and/or two-day shipping is requested we will supply a quote. A quote is also supplied for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, and on all international locations.

Once I place an order, how long is it before it ships? Individual panel(s) and groupings shipped within 2 days, or less. 16x24, or larger panels shipped within 4 days, or less. Once shipped, we forward a detailed confirmation of same.

How are the aluminum panels packed? Each panel is inserted into an individual bubble wrap sleeve, then all parts of the order are wrapped together in heavy-duty bubble wrap, and placed within a extra-strong corrugated box. All flaps are then sealed and a shipping label is attached.


What is the best way to hang the aluminum panels on a wall? We attach a strong, yet lightweight hanging bracket to each. Because the panels weigh so little, a small nail works in most situations. On big panels (16 x 24 or larger), a supporting aluminum frame is attached to the back of each, and a hollow wall anchor is recommended. 

What about framing? Please see the FRAMING link in the top (header), or bottom (footer) of this page, or any page on our website.


What is the best way to clean an aluminum panel? Handling or hanging one can result in a few fingerprints or smudges. There are a few ways in which you can clean the surface of one without damaging it in any way.


We suggest using streak-free Windex and a lint-free cleaning cloth. Avoid using hand towels, paper towels or bathroom tissues as they tend to leave behind small streaks and lint. A cotton T-shirt works very well.