To Frame, or not to Frame, that is the Question?


we prefer the aluminum panels unframed for a few reasons

1.  These vibrant and luminescent panels, when mounted approximately 1/2" off your wall of choice, project a natural shadow, and a feeling of depth. 

2.  When hung together in groups of three, your eyes will focus on the photo art grouping rather than the frames. 

3.  Each of these light-weight aluminum panels can easily be hung with a small nail, thus they go up quickly with little damage to your plaster, or wooden wall.

4.  Because all panels come with the hanging brackets attached, you can easily frame them at a later date. In fact, there is no need for glass, so you simply insert the panels into the frames of choice, and hang them back up.


We all have different tastes in personal decor, so while we might like a 2" glossy black wooden frame, you may prefer a 4" wide gray driftwood. Far be it from us to inflict our preferences on you, so here's our suggestions. 

Let the panels hang for a bit, and if you still want frames to accent or match your interior design, we make some shopping recommendations below.

1. has a great selection at very good pricing.

2. has a very, very large selection. 

3. has a wide selection of wooden frames.

4. is an industry leader in rustic picture frames, manufactured in the USA from reclaimed wood.

5.  And finally, consider the variety and pricing at, and a nearby Hobby Lobby, or local framing shop.


 Whatever your decision, thanks very much for shopping with us, and enjoy the photo art!